Thursday, September 3, 2009

i think there is something wrong with my blogger! i dun seem to be able to access my blog post without the page being distorted somehow.. hmmm..and i also cant post anymore pictures! Boohoo :( I've got some new cupcakes pics to share though. Share try to get it done and hopefully the pics will be up soon!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back in action!

Hi all, sorry for the super long disapperance act! Yes, buttercupcakeshop is still around, just that I had been super busy for the past 3-4 months due to my own wedding preparations (and yes, i'm a M.W since 28th March 09!) as well as my honeymoon for the past 3 weeks.

Apologies to all those who have EMAILED or SMS/CALLED me during the past 3 weeks with regards to cupcakes enquiries. As I was overseas in USA and Taiwan, I was unable to reply. Once again, sorry to all those that i've not replied!

I haven been baking for a long, long time.. but i'm proud to say that i've baked my own wedding cakes for my Guo Da Li. Though it was a tiring thing to do.. but it was very meaningful to me. I've baked wedding cakes for several couples, and finally it was my turn to bake some for my own big day! To cut it short, here's the pictures..

Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear all,

I'm leaving for a holidayyyyyyyyy. A long deserved one since a i-can't-remember-when!

So do take note that I won't be able to reply within a week :)

Meanwhile, take care!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

Hey frens! I'm back :P finally..
November is a busy month, busy with stressful-work, holiday-planning (yeah I'll be in disneyland HK within 2 weeks) and with baking!

A very lovely bride-to-be ordered some cakes from me. I didnt want to take up the orders initially due to time constraint, but she was really sincere, and was so compromising to my request of going with simple designs, and i totally didnt regret taking the order up! I actually had lotsa fun and enjoyed the bake though it was after my work on a Friday..

I've decided to show more pictures of my important tools & equipment in my kitchen, which I have to accredited for all the cakes that I bake..

To me, the most impt 'tools' I need in baking are my mixer, and my oven. I wouldn't want to bake if I do not have either of these!!

Let me introduce to you.. this is my best fren in the kitchen - KitchenAid mixer. I bought this red giant for myself as a Xmas gift last year. It has 10 beating speed, and has never failed me! If anyone is keen in getting a mixer, I'll definitely recommend this. Stylist and value for money!

My kitchenaid busy with my strawberry cupcakes in the making..

Let me introduce you my best-friend-in-the-kitchen no. 2!
My Ariston oven which I'm absolutely proud of.
I got this as a gift from my mummy last year after my previous 2 small ovens failed me and failed my cakes. Mummy saw how disappointed I was after my baking attempts failed due to inconsistent oven temperature.. and she decided to get me this oven as a gift!

Strawberry cuppies in the oven..

Freshly baked cupcakes out of oven..

Fast forward a little..the frosted cupcakes almost ready to go..

And.. the final product!!!

Wendy, the bride-to-be sms me a few hours after her hubby collected the cakes from me, and I am soooo glad that she loves the cakes! She commented that the cakes were moist and soft, and totally heart them. That totally made my day!!!
Thanks Wendy! May you have a blissful marriage heehee.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Matilda's Baby Shower

My bf's niece turns one month old today, and her parents invited us to her baby shower.
As I've not been baking some nice cupcakes for some time, I decided to do something for this sweet little angel who just joined the family. (By the way, she is a real sleepy little worm, just like me!!!!)

As the cakes were meant for a little ger, I wanted to use bright and colourful colours, and a design that wouldn't require very much piping and time since I can only spare less than 2 hours on baking..

When the cakes were brought over to the party, they were very well received and had none left after a short time when we displayed them out. A few aunties even tried them out and commented the cakes were pretty. So glad that everyone likes it.. though Matilda is probaby too young to notice them :P

MATILDA'S FIRST MONTH as on the cuppie cakes

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A random post..

Feeling a little melancholy, listening to eagles' music as i am typing away..

A colleague of mine has left the company, and I am so glad he replied to my sms which I sent to him to check on him. He still sound very positive, and has already gotten a few job offer. Really glad that at least he's picking himself up! To be very honest, he didnt exactly left the company, but was asked to leave actually. With him not around the office, more stories began to unfold. It is really disappointing to have that there is some truth behind these stories.. A man who seemingly has a happy family and 2 young children, turned out to be unfaithful man.
I'm in no situation to judge, and thus I wouldn't comment much. But what i felt was, he is so silly to actually let his affair affect his career! Sigh.. oh well, life goes on. Hope the next replacement for his position will be someone even better and capable than him. Really have enough of nonsenses at work these days that morale is so low..

To talk about something happy, I'm going for my gown fitting this friday! (A little ironic here since I was just talking about affairs a minute ago..) Another 3 days to go heehee. These days, I kept recalling the days whereby I got to know my bf, and how he tried to get close to me and started asking me out, with me being so stupid, not realising any hints from him! Haha. We still laugh over it whenever we talked about the topic :P

Some of my friends asked me, how do you know that you're marrying the RIGHT one? Honestly, somehow, you just know it. When you meet the right one, everything just seem perfect. You just want to spend every single minute and second with him, you just want to see him before you close your eyes and sleep, and the moment you open your eyes when you're awake. No matter what difficulties or problems you have, a hug from him just seem to stop the earth from rotating and problems thrown far far away from you. You began to realise, life is not about "Me", but it is about "Us".

I am indeed a blissful, fortunate and one who is soaked in love and happiness :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

This is an outdated post.. I've been on MC for the whole of last week due to high fever that went like a roller coaster.. up and down. Was suspected of dengue fever, but fortunately, it wasn't! Otherwise, it wouldnt be just a week long MC!

Anyway, before I fell sick, i had fun baking and decorating 100 cupcakes as wedding favours.

Naked chocolate cupcakes just out of the oven..

Chocolate cupcakes with marizpan hearts.. decorated with red sugar sprinkles

Last but not least, a picture of my sweetie pie.. my lovely niece, Cera! Don't she look like a car model here? (By the way, she's in a car boot in this pic.. hahaha)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

It's a mad rush and tedious week at work.. Rushing from projects to projects..
Had a chance to take my attention and mind off work, but baking itself is a tiring hobby (especially when u have a big order)!
I spent hours and hours in the kitchen, with the help of my lovely fiance! Without him, I'll probably spent the whole day in the kitchen.. haha.

Congrats Wilchin for her big day! Here's the cakes she ordered..
A very sweet girl who left all her designs of cakes to me totally.. i hope everything's fine (though my car broke down when i was supposed to make the delivery, and ended up 15mins late!).

A box of 6 cupcakes.. with 2 green tea (macha), 2 chocolates and 2 vanilla cupcakes in a box.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pretty flowers for wedding cupcakes

Handmade marzipan flowers!

Can't wait to top them up on my cupcakes heehee.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

My oven has been enjoying her long rest... as i have not been baking for weeks!

I'm cracking my head for some wedding cupcakes designs, and i decided to try baking some to test out my designs..

A simple cupcake signifying 2 hearts joined together as 1. The bolders are piped in a spiral way to create "snail shell" effect.

Cupcake rolled in strawberry chocolate.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First attempt at bread baking

2 days ago, i had an urge to eat hotdog buns, so i decided to try and bake some for myself and my family since my dad is a fan of bread!

I google for an online recipe which lots of raves and decided to try it out. I found a pack of brand new cheddar cheese in the fridge and added it to the bun for cheese buns. Turned out really nice!

A little dense on the buns, so i'll continue to try and improve it! heehee.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blueberry muffins

Here are the very belated photos i've promised!

My vanilla-blueberry muffins..tasted more like cupcakes than muffins though!

Added some raisins as fillings internally.
NOTE: Thanks for all who have emailed/sms me with regards to orders. Pls take note that i do NOT take in tiramisu cupcakes orders, and flavours available are listed at the left hand side of my blog. Pls choose your flavours from the list! :)
Have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's the berries season!

Hello all, sorry for the disappearance acts. Been really busy (with I-duno-what?) and time really flies!

I haven been baking for more than a mth, and i guess it's excuseable? The weather is so freaking warm and humid, and turning the oven on probably will shorten my exhausted little life further..

But.. it's the berries season! How can I not bake? Blueberries are up for grabs are cheap and low prices, and i just bought a punnet. Wanting to bake, I got home excitedly after work.. but to realise, gosh, I ran out of butter!

So.. hang on there. I should be back baking once I get my butter these 2 days :P

Monday, May 19, 2008

Total collections

Yeah! I've collected a total of $1870 for the China earthquake victims, and I have already passed the money to Redcross this afternoon :)
Thanks all for the kind donations!

Here's the list of donations from:

Joanne & Jeffery Chua - $500

Joey Koh - $400

Joanne & Danny - $200

KK Soon - $100

Lum WK - $100

Stephanie - $100

Lidan - $100

Phua Hee - $50

Mr, & Mrs Tan CI - $100

Sherlyn - $50

Jeremy Tan- $30

Jeremy Seah - $30

Jovis - $20

Rebecca - $20

Mervyn & Chee Wee - $20

TOTAL $1870

Charity donation

Hi frens,

I am currently doing a voluntarily donation collection for the victims of the China earthquake.
Till date, I've collected the following:

As of 18th May 08:

Joanne - $100
KK Soon - $100
Lum WK - $100
Stephanie - $100
Lidan - $100
Phua Hee - $50
Tan CI - $50
Sherlyn - $50
Jeremy - $30
Jovis - $20
Rebeccas - $20

TOTAL - $720

The reports in everyday newspapers and news really upset me. Seeing pictures of children bodies found, a foot found but nowhere is the body found, half-body found with no body, and all the pictures of heartbroken families sobbing and praying for miracles to happen made me feel that I just want to do my little part for the victims.

I will be handling in the money to Redcross (at 15 Penang Lane) tomorrow afternoon.
However, I will go on with the collection, and once I collected the next sum of money, I will hand them over to Red Cross personally on the next weekend.

If anyone of you would like to make a donation, please let me know. The official receipt from Redcross can be sent to you, otherwise, I can post the pics of the receipts on my blog.

Let us do our little part for the victims. They need the money for immediate medical helps and also for the reconstruction. We can never heal what they have undergo emotionally, but we can help by providing them with food and shelter.