Monday, May 19, 2008

Charity donation

Hi frens,

I am currently doing a voluntarily donation collection for the victims of the China earthquake.
Till date, I've collected the following:

As of 18th May 08:

Joanne - $100
KK Soon - $100
Lum WK - $100
Stephanie - $100
Lidan - $100
Phua Hee - $50
Tan CI - $50
Sherlyn - $50
Jeremy - $30
Jovis - $20
Rebeccas - $20

TOTAL - $720

The reports in everyday newspapers and news really upset me. Seeing pictures of children bodies found, a foot found but nowhere is the body found, half-body found with no body, and all the pictures of heartbroken families sobbing and praying for miracles to happen made me feel that I just want to do my little part for the victims.

I will be handling in the money to Redcross (at 15 Penang Lane) tomorrow afternoon.
However, I will go on with the collection, and once I collected the next sum of money, I will hand them over to Red Cross personally on the next weekend.

If anyone of you would like to make a donation, please let me know. The official receipt from Redcross can be sent to you, otherwise, I can post the pics of the receipts on my blog.

Let us do our little part for the victims. They need the money for immediate medical helps and also for the reconstruction. We can never heal what they have undergo emotionally, but we can help by providing them with food and shelter.

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