Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

Hey frens! I'm back :P finally..
November is a busy month, busy with stressful-work, holiday-planning (yeah I'll be in disneyland HK within 2 weeks) and with baking!

A very lovely bride-to-be ordered some cakes from me. I didnt want to take up the orders initially due to time constraint, but she was really sincere, and was so compromising to my request of going with simple designs, and i totally didnt regret taking the order up! I actually had lotsa fun and enjoyed the bake though it was after my work on a Friday..

I've decided to show more pictures of my important tools & equipment in my kitchen, which I have to accredited for all the cakes that I bake..

To me, the most impt 'tools' I need in baking are my mixer, and my oven. I wouldn't want to bake if I do not have either of these!!

Let me introduce to you.. this is my best fren in the kitchen - KitchenAid mixer. I bought this red giant for myself as a Xmas gift last year. It has 10 beating speed, and has never failed me! If anyone is keen in getting a mixer, I'll definitely recommend this. Stylist and value for money!

My kitchenaid busy with my strawberry cupcakes in the making..

Let me introduce you my best-friend-in-the-kitchen no. 2!
My Ariston oven which I'm absolutely proud of.
I got this as a gift from my mummy last year after my previous 2 small ovens failed me and failed my cakes. Mummy saw how disappointed I was after my baking attempts failed due to inconsistent oven temperature.. and she decided to get me this oven as a gift!

Strawberry cuppies in the oven..

Freshly baked cupcakes out of oven..

Fast forward a little..the frosted cupcakes almost ready to go..

And.. the final product!!!

Wendy, the bride-to-be sms me a few hours after her hubby collected the cakes from me, and I am soooo glad that she loves the cakes! She commented that the cakes were moist and soft, and totally heart them. That totally made my day!!!
Thanks Wendy! May you have a blissful marriage heehee.

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