Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A random post..

Feeling a little melancholy, listening to eagles' music as i am typing away..

A colleague of mine has left the company, and I am so glad he replied to my sms which I sent to him to check on him. He still sound very positive, and has already gotten a few job offer. Really glad that at least he's picking himself up! To be very honest, he didnt exactly left the company, but was asked to leave actually. With him not around the office, more stories began to unfold. It is really disappointing to have that there is some truth behind these stories.. A man who seemingly has a happy family and 2 young children, turned out to be unfaithful man.
I'm in no situation to judge, and thus I wouldn't comment much. But what i felt was, he is so silly to actually let his affair affect his career! Sigh.. oh well, life goes on. Hope the next replacement for his position will be someone even better and capable than him. Really have enough of nonsenses at work these days that morale is so low..

To talk about something happy, I'm going for my gown fitting this friday! (A little ironic here since I was just talking about affairs a minute ago..) Another 3 days to go heehee. These days, I kept recalling the days whereby I got to know my bf, and how he tried to get close to me and started asking me out, with me being so stupid, not realising any hints from him! Haha. We still laugh over it whenever we talked about the topic :P

Some of my friends asked me, how do you know that you're marrying the RIGHT one? Honestly, somehow, you just know it. When you meet the right one, everything just seem perfect. You just want to spend every single minute and second with him, you just want to see him before you close your eyes and sleep, and the moment you open your eyes when you're awake. No matter what difficulties or problems you have, a hug from him just seem to stop the earth from rotating and problems thrown far far away from you. You began to realise, life is not about "Me", but it is about "Us".

I am indeed a blissful, fortunate and one who is soaked in love and happiness :)

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