Sunday, October 12, 2008

Matilda's Baby Shower

My bf's niece turns one month old today, and her parents invited us to her baby shower.
As I've not been baking some nice cupcakes for some time, I decided to do something for this sweet little angel who just joined the family. (By the way, she is a real sleepy little worm, just like me!!!!)

As the cakes were meant for a little ger, I wanted to use bright and colourful colours, and a design that wouldn't require very much piping and time since I can only spare less than 2 hours on baking..

When the cakes were brought over to the party, they were very well received and had none left after a short time when we displayed them out. A few aunties even tried them out and commented the cakes were pretty. So glad that everyone likes it.. though Matilda is probaby too young to notice them :P

MATILDA'S FIRST MONTH as on the cuppie cakes

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