Friday, August 24, 2007

The fickle minded

A very good fren of mine (frens for a decade!) bday is coming soon.. and we’re actually celebrating for him at St James tomorrow night.

It’s been a long long time since I’ve last clubbed. Last year, I was drinking so much that I made my new year resolution to be “Quit Drinking”.
I indeed achieved that!! When I was back in Perth, I’ve been drinking day and night.. begging for my frens to let me have my apple juices instead. Haha.
So once back in Singapore, I made alcohol my enemy and shoo them far far far away.. haha.

Well, back to the story.. I’ve promised to bake him a birthday cake way long ago. I do remember my promise to him!! And so.. I’ve been cracking my head the whole of today, thinking of what I should bake..

Initially, I decided on a big fruit cake as his bday cake. Then I thought, since he loves chocolate, why not bake him my favourite chocolate cupcakes (which apparently was my proudest-bake till date LOL)? And shortly after, I changed my mind again. I still have lots of strawberry purees from my last bake, and why not utilize them? Should I bake strawberry cupcakes, or a big fruit cake?

after an hour of battling with my thoughts, i have still yet to decide on what to bake.. and while thinking, I thought of something again! How about cheesecake cupcakes?

Now.. i'm seriously having a headache deciding on what i should bake.

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