Thursday, August 23, 2007

Strawberry & Green tea (macha) cupcakes

saw some raves about a perfect vanilla based cupcakes previously in cupcakestakethecake forum, and thot i should try them out!
i improvised the recipe to make them into 2 batches, 1 batch of strawberry cupcakes, and another batch of green tea cupcakes.
my bf bought me a punnet of my favourite strawberries, and they are so fragrant and pretty! i'm even thinking of eating them while in the office.. haha..
i made my own puree with these fresh strawberries & a little imagination, and it turned out that these strawberry cupcakes received really good comments! everyone commented they tasted light and fragrant! personally, i really like them.. (okay, i love everything to do with strawberries!!!) and definitely will bake them again!
as for the green tea, my previous attempt at green tea cupcakes didnt turn out too good. so, i decided to come out wif my own recipe. my sweetest boyfriend bought me a packet of japanese green tea powder and the green tea powder is really good. better den the previous one i've tried.
okie.. here's the pictures..

Strawberry cupcakes with light strawberry cream
Green tea cupcakes with light green tea cream

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