Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OT = Overtime = Late nights in the office = More income = No cupcakes = :(

My colleague is now happily enjoying himself in Japan! While another newcomer tendered on Monday.. i had to cover up for their work, and it's so coincidental that a major tender came in this week :( to make things worse, the deadline is next Wed! Boohoo.

Such a tender should take 3 weeks to be completed, but i'm only left with 3 days! Today, tomorrow and day after (i'm on leave on friday, yippie!). Will have to skip the pricing meeting on Friday then, and hopefully no need to come back on the weekends for work..

Saturday was great, i had lotsa fun. Went to the zoo in the morning with my family to celebrate my beloved little niece's 4th bday, and rushed home to frost my cupcakes for my fren's bday.
The strawberry cupcakes turned out to be good! Everyone commented that they were nice. But.. i forgot to take pictures lar.. haha. Shall wait for the bday boy to send me pictures of the cupcakes taken in the dark dark St James then.

No baking for this week.. i'll had been working OT yesterday, today.. and definitely tomorrow.. my darling is meeting his frens for dinner on friday, hopefully i'll have the time to bake!

Cheesecake cupcakes? Lemon cupcakes? Orange cupcakes? Strawberry (yet again?!) or what???

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