Thursday, July 19, 2007

vanilla vanilla & more vanilla pls!

as the title suggest, i've been working quite hard to get my fine tuned purrrfect vanilla cupcake.

finally, i found a recipe that i'm really quite pleased with. it yields soft yet moist cakes, and the texture remains even the next day!

and after 2 failed attempts with whipped cream, a tinge of phobia with whipped cream is growing in me.. however, with the help of a podder from LesDames, I managed to apply correct techniques to the cream and making it fluffy, and firm!

here's the pictures..

vanilla cuppie top with whipped cream (btw, this really taste finger licking good!)

Yesterday, i met up with a Uni fren for dinner.. since she came down all the way from Bukit Batok with her bf, just to have dinner with me (*touched* haha...), i decided to bake something for her to try! And here it is.. pretty colourful ar? :P

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