Sunday, July 22, 2007


my boy and i wanted to try baking pizzas, since there is such a function on my new oven. so we planned for nice and romantic lunch, pizzas + pasta + wine + spending time together.. but, it turned out that my whole family was at home! (my sisters + bro in laws + nieces + nephews + my parents) but nonetheless, it's great to have more guinea pigs to try out my pizza, haha!

after baking cakes for some time, a switch to baking pizzas got me excited. we shopped round cold storage and bought all the ingredients that we like.
here's my pizza in the making.. (btw, i made those crust too!!! they were far too sticky initially and we improvised the dough again and again till we got it rite! haha.)

These pizzas taste good, really good! Had them with some pasta, and with my self-made strawberry & peach smoothie. *rub stomach* what a fulfilling lunch :P


Chaowei said...

very nice looking pizza hor...

I also make pizza, but i not so li-hai, the crust is i buy one... haa haa haa....

sis! you are becoming a real chef!

*Buttercup-cakeshop* said...

haha, dun buy the crust. nx time i teach u to make :P
it's actually very very simple! :P