Monday, July 16, 2007

Vanilla cupcake with whipped cream frosting

Haven been baking for the past few days!

so... here I am! hehe.

so far, i've got a good chocolate cupcake and orange blueberry cupcake recipe.
time to work on my vanilla cuppies! i found that vanilla cuppies tend to be more temperamental, and thus, i shortlisted 2 different recipes and tried them out.
daddy was my first taster, and he likes it! (btw daddy has a sharp tongue).

i topped it with thick whipped cream, and it turned out to be pretty! tee hee.


Chaowei said...

hey.... sis!! this cupcake is particularly nice!

so long no sample liao :(

haa haa

*Buttercup-cakeshop* said...

haha, thanks for your compliments!

sure thing lar.. if i bake this weekend, will let u try okie! :)