Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A long baking day!

I tried quite a few new recipes today.. and since there is some leftover durians sitting in my fridge, i tot, what the! Might as well utilise them!
so... here it is..
while my puffs are in the oven! (I've decided to name the puffs that buttercup baked as power-puffs! haha!)

i also baked chocolate cupcakes (again!) cos' i had some remaining batter left from the previous bake. also, i tried out strawberry yoghurt muffins.. and.. blur me, forgot to take pictures of my muffins after they are baked.. i only haf them before entering the oven!

this is a chocolate banana cake i've baked the other day.. all my backlogs. heh. it's frosted with chocolate on top, and with banana fillings with chocolate cream in between the cake layers. my first attempt at bigger cakes! (the cut out portions are eaten by my boy.. my guinea pig hehehe)

and this is yummy chocolate lava cake. as the name suggest, lava cake, means that the chocolate will flow out like lava after you bite into it! look like the chocolate oozing out (i know it's a lousy pic.. pardon me.) my boy loves this, and keeps pestering me for more!

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