Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wedding cupcakes

My sis had her wedding last Saturday. It was a very special day, with lotsa memories and cupcakes! Haha.. i promised to bake her cupcakes are her wedding gift from me, and i spent the whole of friday baking and decorating.. with lotsa sister-ly love from me!

The cupcakes are meant for her church reception, together with her catering.. I was standing beside the cupcakes and pretending to be just another guest, and I overheard conversations from the guest that they liked my cupcakes! :) That totally brighten up my day. Heehee.

The table full of cupcakes.. baked by me!

K&J signifies Kevin & Joyce, together blissfully with love

Double happiness!

The photos are blurred and not well taken becos i took them at the very last minute, and was rushing for time! (schedule was so fully packed for the entire day.. from day ceremony, to church, and to dinner..) The professional photographer had taken some pics, and I shall get them from my sister once she's back from her honeymoon.. Shall update again.


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