Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chinese New Year cupcakes

I know i've not been posting for the longest time.. even my sister is back from her 3 weeks honeymoon, and i still haven start baking since her wedding!
I probably had an overdosage baking for her earlier this month. haha.

my dad is bugging me to on the oven and start baking some CNY goodies like pineapples tarts or kueh bangkit. but i'm really too lazy and tired to do so!

I spent most of my time in front of the computer.. either working, or checking the latest update of the flat selection. Yes, next Wed would be my longgggg waited day to select my flat from HDB, and i've been praying so hard to get an unit my bf and I would like.
But as days passed by, i see the number of units available getting lesser and lesser, my heart sink.. haha. its true lah. the anxiety is killing me yet i cant do anything!

well well, and my selection date is the eve of CNY! if i happened to get a good unit, i'll bake some cupcakes to celebrate!
okie, some CNY cupcakes.. made of mandarin oranges.. great idea isn't it? Hehe.

Oh ya, i've received requests for V day cupcakes.. yes i'll be baking V day cupcakes, and if u're interested, do drop me an email or sms and wordings can be provided per your instructions.
Min 12 per box :)

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