Monday, October 8, 2007

Wedding cupcakes

Welcome to Buttercupcakeshop! This is my newly printed sticker :) A simple one, cos I will be adding my logo once its done! Stay tuned for more.

This weekend is a fruitful one. I baked 100 cupcakes for a good fren cum colleague of mine, as wedding favours. These are meant for distribution to her mum's colleagues.

Thanks to my greatest helper ever.. who is my boyfriend :)
He helped me with the packaging, from the boxes to cakes, to the photos, stickers, and ribbons!
What a wonderful guy i've got!

Anyway, I've decided to go for simple yet elegant cakes. After thoughts and thoughts, I decided to forgo the designs I've planned earlier on as I felt simplicity is the most suitable for the bride!

The bride chose the Green Tea/Matcha cupcakes together with Cookies & Cream to be as a dual in a box. And as these are wedding favors, i added hearts as the main decorations.
The pink hearts were made of Marzipan, which is almond paste. The cakes and frosting are of green tea flavoured and there was a tinge of green tea smell lingering in my house after baking!

These are Cookies & Cream cupcakes, topped with fresh cream and sprinkled with oreo cookies. I guarantee every single bites consist of oreo cookies!

Sorry for the blur pictures due to the rush of passing over these cakes to my fren. These are the boxes packed with 2 cupcakes each, tied with a pink ribbon and with my buttercupcakeshop sticker.

So, any comments readers? I do cupcakes for all occasions (wedding/birthday/halloween/valentines' day/any day u name it!) and designs can be catered and specified to your likings.

Flavours available include: Chocolate, vanilla, green tea, orange, blueberry, cookies & cream, peach, strawberry, raspberry etc. (if there's any flavours that you want yet not listed, just drop me a mail/sms and i'll get back to you if it's possible!)


Retro Bakery said...

SO beautiful! Great job!

Jazz said...

hi, how much charge for wedding cupcake? please email to me:
i interested this for my wedding

Julie said...

Hi, lovely cupcakes!

I'm interested in getting them as my wedding cake. E.g. arrange on tiers, for consumption after ROM or take away as favours. Can you send me your quote?


Ellyn said...

Hi Joanne,

I am planning for my wedding and I love your cupcakes, can you let me know the pricing and the size of the cupcakes that you do? Email me at
Also, do you do delivery? If its self collection, where will it be?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pls let me know how much you charge for wedding cupcake & min order qty, my email address is

y|ng said...

Hi, I am interested with the wedding cupcakes too. Please send me the quotation for the prices for different size cupcakes with tiers provided, and any delivery and set-up fee on the wedding day?
My email address is


swl said...

I love your cupcakes, it will make a good wedding cake cum wedding favor. Can send me the prices?
My email address is

Anonymous said...

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