Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New ideas for cupcakes

Hello peeps, i'm back! Let me start by thanking all who had dropped comments/shouts on my shoutbox. Your compliments totally brighten up my days and encourage me to bake more and more! =) Keep them coming plssss...

Sorry for the lack of updates.. been busy with work, fun and shopping and spending lotsa time with my dearest and taking care of my little niece who was 'exciled' from her home since her little brother is suffering from HFM.

I took a break off baking since my overdosage of wedding favours cupcakes last week. My aim was to 'retire' temporarily for 2 weeks while allowing my poor oven to rest and take a break! However, one week has passed and my hands/mind is itching and thinking of new ideas and flavours for cuppies..

Okie ppl, i need your suggestions. How about suggesting some flavours that i've yet to attempt or designs so that my mind can get back to the track after the 1-week holiday? Perhaps, something for Halloween or my upcoming birthday (2 weeks later)? I need ideas ideas and ideas! Thus, all contributions will be greatly appreciated! Do post them in my shoutbox :) And of cos, you get to enjoy my bakes if they materialize! haha!

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