Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cookies & Cream cupcakes

I had been thinking of baking cookies & cream cupcakes since last week.. thinking of the crushed oreo cookies in every bite of my cupcake.. wow.. Isn't that heavenly?

This is my first time trying out on this recipe, and it works greatly! A pity I baked only 1 dozen cupcakes, and we ate 3 freshly baked out of the oven! That left us with only 9 ... So, i frosted and topped with oreo frosted cream, and it just further add on to the heavenly flavor..

The naked cupcakes before they are frosted.. the white portions are the oreo cream, and after baking, they turned out to be crispy! Yummy.

My cookies & cream cupcake with oreo frosting

Saw a picture from Bake & Destroy lately, adding a straw perfects her cupcake! Apparently it doesnt work for mine..haha.

and.. this is my darling's supper! Cupcake with ice cream + my homemade jelly

Okie, so who has gotten the guess of "What am I baking next" rite? Own up now to get your free cupcake! haha.

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Natalie said...

I had to cut both sides of the straw down, a total pain-in-the-butt undertaking, but otherwise the straw was too big. When my sons' old enough for scissors that'll be his job.