Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cookies & cream again

It's 10.38pm, and my bf isn't with me. I'm feeling weird, cos he will be by my side everyday during this time. We're known to be the 'superglue' to our families.. and now, while waiting for him, i shall blog about my bakes today!

No prize for guessing what I baked today. haha. (Btw, no one claimed my prize the other time.. so, forget it!)

A colleague cum good fren of mine is having her wedding nx month, and she requested me to bake 100 cupcakes for her to distribute to friends n relatives. This request got me working.. thinking.. and planning. I've got to start preparing my packaging boxes (still searching), decide on my design/deco, recipes and more.
She wants a sample of my cookies and cream (i promoted to her! haha) and so, I've baked a total of 2 dozens to distribute around.. to her, to my sister, and to satisfy my darling's craving for cupcakes hahaha (i'm surprised he never get sick of them!).

I had a great time baking and decorating them!

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