Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cupcakes orders

Jasmin, thanks for your tag! I'm so happy to see it :) Here are the pictures of the cupcakes I've designed and baked for Jasmin and her friend "Son", and I'm so glad they liked them!

Another customer also ordered from me on the same day, and I wanted to use pink & purple for a very sweet feeling, and also included cupcakes with teddy bears sprinkled with hearts all over. Personally, i think the cupcakes looked very sweet. And I was very happy to receive an sms from her telling me that she and her frens love the cakes, and will be ordering from me again! Heehee. I guess this is part of the customer satisfaction.


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Anonymous said...

hey sweets,
bumped into your site and i got to say that your cupcakes looks very tempting. although can i just ask if muslims are able to consume it? do you put in any non-halal ingredients? and can you reply me at instead? thanks!

B.u.t.t.e.r.c.u.p C.a.k.e.s.h.o.p said...

hi princess.preciosaa,

a muslim customer once ordered my cupcakes from me before, and brought it to Indonesia for her bf there. There is no non-halal ingredient added, but I believe whether it is suitable for muslim to consume or not, may have to be decided by yourself? :)

thanks for your compliments anyway.