Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

I had a great time baking and decorating cupcakes today!
A new customer order 2 dozen cupcakes for her fren as birthday cake, and I wanted to use sweet pink theme to decorate them, making them as bright and cheerful as possible.
I added lotsa chocolate sprinkles, and the chocolate and Cookies & Cream cupcakes were so pretty even when they were naked! They were in even domes, and the fragrance was all over the house :)
Bring back all the joy I had when I used to bake so frequently.

My Cookies & Cream cupcakes decorated with "Happy Birthday Angel, We Love U!"
- How sweet of these frens isn't it?

Chocolate cupcakes baked by me.. I simply love the swirls.. I think they looked like those soft-served ice cream from MacDonalds. Haha..

I've been receiving many enquiries on asking if I conduct baking classes. I'm very flattered, but honestly, I don't think I have the capability to conduct any baking classes. I'm actually self-taught, and I obtain my skills via repeated trial and errors, and recipes from online/recipe books. All I can say is, practice makes perfect! :) Other than cupcakes, I don't really bake anything else cos' I practically have zero knowledge on them heehee.

Also, recently my pageviews has gone up by 4 times, and I am really curious to find out more on where my readers actually obtain information on my blog from. Pls do me a favour by leaving a msg in my tag to let me know how you stumbled onto my blog k? Thank you all , and I'll be baking more tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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