Thursday, November 15, 2007

The 'trio cupcakes'

I baked lotsa cupcakes last weekend and i came up with my newest creation - The trio!
I had lotsa fun baking and decorating them, and i packed them in boxes of 9 (3 of each flavour) for customers. I've got good feedback on them, and i'm happy!

The trio! consist of 3 different kinds of flavours - Cookies & cream, Chocolate & Strawberry, each with a different design. The cookies & cream cupcake contains lotsa oreo cookies crumbs, and the amount of frosting is significantly reduced to suit a greater pool of audience who prefer less creamy cakes. I felt this works better for all! The chocolate cake is soft and i chose a simple design as chocolates are fragant on their own! They don't require fanciful designs to prove themselves :P And of cos, strawberries (my fave!) are perfect for for couples who are in love, with the 2 sweet loving hearts close to each other :)

I'll be coming up with X'mas cupcakes soon, either in boxes of 3 or 4, and also in larger quantities of 2 dozens or more. If you're interested, do drop me an email or sms as I will be consolidating my orders soon! Some enquiries on Christmas cupcakes already came in, and I will be finalizing my designs within these few days. I'm so excited for Christmas, and can't wait to start baking on the cupcakes.. Remember to watch out for them soon :)

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