Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lack of updates..

Hello! I'm still alive and kicking, though currently i'm down with a flu and sorethroat :(

Sad to say, i've been too busy with work that I didnt have time to do my baking. But actually, i did bake a blueberry bday cake for my boy's mum bday, but i was in such a rush that i forgot to take pics.. and last week, a podder bought a dozen of cookies and cream cupcakes from me, and i decorated them with chocolate ganache fresh cream (okie, again.. i was in such a rush that i've got no time to take pics!) and i'm so glad that she likes them :) Apparently the feedback was positive and she's keen on trying other flavors from me too!

This thursday is a public holiday, and I SHALL BAKE MORE CUPCAKES!
Stay tuned heehee.

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