Thursday, August 16, 2007


Baked blueberry & peach muffins as well as peach cupcakes with mascarpone cream cheese frosting few days back, and this is the first time I baked so many! total of 50++ cakes in total.. haha.

took a couple of photos, but lacking of time to upload them (okok.. i'm lazy. i admit..) but will do it soon! i'm itching to bake some chcolate eclairs.. so... stay tuned!

hmm, so, what should i bake next? come come, do me a favor but just clicking to vote or if you have any flavor in mind, simply drop a line in the shoutbox :) I need more ideas!!!

On a sidenote, my bf is thinking of designing a label for me.. hehe. Buttercupcakeshop will most probably be presented by a cute little ger with 2 ponytails carrying a cupcake. That's his idea, not mine.. i shall make him the creative director of buttercucpakeshop! hahaha.

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