Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tiramisu & Green tea cupcakes

i'm sooo tired now, but satisfied cos i finally got to bake what I've been thinking of for weeks!
my tiramisu cupcakes..

it contains NO BUTTER NO OIL! how amazing rite? I was impressed by this recipe, but it's alittle too time-consuming and tiring.. i'll probably skip this in the future unless requested. haha. there's coffee taste, and frosted with baileys mascarpone cheese cream! yummy..

and this is my 1st attempt at green tea cupcake with green tea frosting.. pretty, aint they?


pre-celebration for Halloween! hahaha.

i like this green tea cupcakes. the cakes are moist yet firm, and has a tinted taste of green tea.. the frosting is firm, yet not too sweet. just nice for my preference =)

had a few requests for orders.. i'm glad tt ppl like my cuppies! i welcome all queries, do drop me an email! gifts for frens, your love ones, baby's first month, wedding cupcakes, bday cupcakes or anything, just contact buttercup! haha.

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