Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strawberry & Peach cupcakes topped with mascarpone cheese cream

I bought a punnet of blueberries, as well as a box of nectarines (peaches) from NTUC during lunch today. It got me excited for the whole afternoon, hoping that I can knock off on time so that i can rush to bake something out, hopefully for breakfast tml!

Surfed around for recipes, and finally found this that I like! Improvised a little by adding in additional strawberries (my fav! Yummy) to the batter, and all i can say is.. it's so yummy that you wanna eat the batter!

my cupcakes before they are frosted.. see the peaches n strawberries on the top?

cupcake with mascarpone cheese & cream, with an additional oreo cookie! (Slurp~ don't u just want to slurp the frosting down? haha. )

Here comes the chocolate chips..

And a happy family of 3!

I made a total of 15 cupcakes, but before i could get them frosted, 4 were gone.. eaten by my family haha. Daddy says its nice, and soft.

And i couldnt help but keep licking on the frosting, and feeding my boy spoons after spoons. FYI, mascarpone cheese are really ex. $10.80 for a tub of 500ml. Mascarpone cheese are used to make tiramisu cakes (and if u remember my previous post, I promised to make a tiramisu for my bf! But the cheese ended up on my cuppies instead :X ). They are exceptionally fragrant and soft, and taste really light and sweet.

After frosting and all, i'm left with ONLY 8 cupcakes. Half gone within an hr. I intended to keep 4 for myself, and 4 for my bf but who knows.. my evil sister actually gave 4 of my cuppies away to her tuition kid!!! arggggggggh. there goes my breakfast :(

Nvm, i'll make them again.. since there's still peaches and strawberries in the fridge!


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

"as well as a box of nectarines (peaches)"

i dont know if you know, but peaches and nectarines are 2 different fruits :)

*Buttercup-cakeshop* said...

yup i know that nectarines and peaches are different. in fact, i feel that peaches taste better than nectarines.