Sunday, July 1, 2007

new oven!

my long awaited oven is finally here! hehe.
lots of cleaning up jobs to do over the weekend.. my oven was here on saturday, so was mummy's new hod (stoves).
daddy's new LCD 42" TV came on sunday, and had lotsa cleaning up to do in order to shelve all these new products..
its just a joy to see my new oven, and even a greater joy to see the end-products of the oven! hehe.
thanks mummy n daddy for blessing me with the oven. I promise to bake better stuffs for all to eat. hahaha.

anyway, the first generation of orange cupcakes from the oven turned out nice, but the surface was pretty charred. so.. forget it, no pictures taken.

here's the 2nd batch of my bakes from my new oven. i love this recipe :) nice texture of the chocolate cupcake with a great companion of chocolate frosting. not too sweet, not too chocolatey (i'm never a chocolate lover) and taste just nice!

enuff' of my words.. here's the pictures.

and here's the original pic of how it should really look like..

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